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I offer individual (one to one) sessions through my private practice, though please do feel free to ask me about art therapy group work as this is also sometimes possible.

Sessions take place from my dedicated therapy space in Peckham: SE15 6RX.

clinical supervision

I offer clinical supervision to art psychotherapists and related fields such as counselling etc. I am also able to offer reflective practice to those working in close contact with their client groups such as teachers, social workers, nurses etc. Reflective practice enables a deeper understanding of the client, the institution, and the processes around them. This strengthens practice and supports the practitioner to reduce stress and prevent burn-out.


Sessions are £65 per hour. Reduced rate therapy sessions are sometimes offered for those in financial need.


The number of sessions and frequency of sessions is decided by us together during the first session, and is open to review during our work together.  Sessions are most usually weekly, but twice weekly, fortnightly or monthly can be appropriate too. During the first session it is usual not to use art materials at all, even if wanting a course of art psychotherapy. This session is a chance for you to tell me your concerns, and for me to get an understanding of you and your needs. From this we can decide what will suit you best in terms of frequency and number of sessions. Depending on your needs, short term work can be considered as between 6-12 sessions, and longer term psychotherapy anything from 12 months to as long as is needed.


All sessions are confidential, and I am bound by the  British Association of Art Therapy‘s Code of Ethics, and the Standards of Proficiency, Ethics and Professional Conduct of the Health and Care Professions Council as well as the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Code of Ethics.

Confidentiality means that all information you share with me is confidential and will not be shared with another person or agency unless you request me to do so. However the law requires that therapists disclose information in circumstances where the safety of the client, the therapist, or the public would be threatened by non-disclosure. In such cases disclosure must be made in the manner which best protects the client’s interests.

Confidentiality also applies to any images you might make. Of course all the things you make belong to you, and you may show them in any way you want, but the way I will look after your images if you leave them in my keeping, is as confidentially as the verbal content, unless you request me to do differently.

my own supervision

As part of the code of ethics, it is required that the therapist receives regular clinical supervision from a qualified clinical supervisor. I obtain clinical supervision at least once a month. This is to ensure that I provide you with the highest quality of work. The clinical supervisor is bound by the same rules of confidentiality and codes of conduct, and during a supervisory consultation a client’s name or details are not disclosed, to ensure anonymity. In addition I may seek occasional consultation with other clinicians. These discussions are done under strictly professional and confidential circumstances, and I make every effort to hide the identity of clients to protect privacy.